Helping Children & Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Founded in 1969, Tammy Lynn Center for Developmental Disabilities empowers families and enriches the lives of children and adults through education, community and support services.  We provide hope and opportunities for individuals to learn, live and grow to their fullest potential.

TLC is a godsend for parents just like us that want to give their child the opportunity to grow and improve their day-to-day quality of life.

- Mendy Wolfe, Gracie’s mom

TLC turned unimaginable circumstances into a life, albeit a different life, but nevertheless a good life. My family is better for our Tammy Lynn experience.

- Betsey Morrison, John’s mom

Understanding the value of the services provided to those with special needs.

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Reasons Why

It wasn’t until we were wrapping up a conversation at coffee. I had been in Raleigh two years, but had never heard of the Tammy Lynn Center. After our introductions and learning more about the Center’s work, something occurred to me: I realized that I, too, had a deep and personal connection with TLC’s mission. I was […]