A Mission at Work

Dear fellow TLC friends & family,

My name is Anna Morrison. My big brother, John, called Tammy Lynn Center home in 1993. John suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was just nine years old; I was three. He and my dad were involved in a serious car accident that forever changed our lives.

John passed away in 1994, but received a tremendous amount of support during his time at the Center. My entire family was so moved by TLC and the impact it made on our lives, our relationship with the Center continues to this day – stronger than ever over 20 years later.

TLC is who we are. For as long as I can remember, I’ve served as a volunteer helping with Toast to the Triangle and running the VIP reception with my mom, Betsy. Now that I’m a nurse, being able to contribute my time and money to the organization that made my childhood a little bit more “normal” is important to me. Although I don’t remember much about my parents’ personal journey when John lived at Tammy Lynn, I know that we will forever cherish the impact it made on each of our lives.

Heart-to-Heart is TLC’s annual joyful giving campaign. We must raise $100,000 by December 31, 2017 in order to fund our 2018 programs and services. Currently, we are 80 percent of the way there – but we need the support of our community to help make our dream a reality. Will you consider supporting the children, adults and families of Tammy Lynn Center by making a financial gift today? www.tammylynncenter.org/heart2heart

John’s accident was something our family could never have predicted in a million years. Nothing could have prepared us for that moment in our lives. I can only thank TLC for being there for us and for simply existing, made possible only with the support of people like you.

As a TLC family member, I can tell you this feeling of enormous gratitude is felt by so many families like mine who receive services from the Center. Whether it’s through Respite Care, Residential, Educational Services, or Early Childhood Intervention – lives are changed for the better because of you and TLC.

Thank you for making the holidays extra special for the people we love most!

Anna Morrison
Proud TLC Sibling

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